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  • All GREEN stones are on sale 25% off during MARCH!
  • This includes  pendants,  necklaces, earrings, decorative pieces, worry stones and so much more!!

  • See our selection of chains available for your pendants!

We look forward to serving you at All My Relations.

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All My Relations is a 12,000 sq.ft. metaphysical super store, gift shop and the largest rock shop in the midwest. We offer more than 10,000 products for sale in our store, with many available for purchase online. We are located on the west side of Indianapolis at the corner of Rockville and Girls School road. We are open 7 days a week and have been in business since 1992. All My Relations offers services such as Whole Life Integration (Body, Mind, Spirit), Hypnotherapy, Healing Touch and Psychic Readings. We also offer classes such as Weekly Discussion (Drumming, Healing, Meditation), Jewelry Wire Wrapping, Beginning Meditation and Silversmithing.

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